To explore the dimensions of hip hop, from old school to underground, outside of general pop music. Bringing it back to the 80's and 90's, but acknowledging the new era of conscious rap to all.
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So this guy’s from Rhode Island, something like Sage Francis, but his style is a little different. He’s been scheming to get his name out there for a while now and his latest mixtape, Love & Anchors, dropped earlier this year. Sacrilegious comes off this mixtape as a twisted sinner’s anthem. But that gives it a bad rep, because its an amazing song. The beat is executed to perfection and Khary’s flow carries the song onto some other level. Check it out and enjoy.

I’ve been listening to more and more of Isaiah Rashad’s latest mixtape/demo/album, Cilvia Demo, and its got gems upon gems upon gems. Heavenly Father comes off as one of the many that just uplift me with some Southern Swagger. Isaiah is the latest member of TDE, and although not from LA, his Tennessee perspective is just as profound. Check out the blissful vibes coming from Heavenly Father and enjoy.

Listen after listen of Gambino’s Because The Internet just makes me find a new favorite every time. Telegraph Ave is some weird would-be love song but subtly is about growing up from a different characters perspective? I mean, I really don’t know, I think the idea is to make what you will from it, so it’s all different. Regardless, the innocence of the song mixed with some realization of the horrible reality that is the world makes this song a chaotic luxury. So I enjoy it, and you should to. So, check it out, and enjoy.

Bishop Nehru is some dude who’s got a quite a bit of talent. I stumbled upon one of his videos back in the day where there was something like a tye-dye sweater and some chicken. I said cool, and moved on. But after his recent release, You Stressin, I’ve been going back through what he has to offer, and I’m glad to say that it’s a lot. Strictly Flowz is one of the smoothest tapes I’ve heard in a while. Check out introVERTz, and if you really feel it, go ahead and download the tape, I mean, its free. Even if you’re not feeling it, still download it, cause I know you will later. Enjoy.

The trap game is an interesting one. It began a long time ago but has quickly come to popularity with many artists remixing popular tracks or just making some straight bangers (I’m looking at you TNGHT). But it’s also great to see artists taking on this from of music and making it their own, completely original. Kyross’s LOST is an example of the ingenuity offered in this broadening genre, so check it out, and enjoy.